(IAP) Information Analysis Platform

Cubix Business Modeler Platform is a high-performance software designed by Russian company «Axilon Consulting».

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Platform purpose

Business Process Modelling

Creating predictive models for the whole Company or its segments enables analyzing main risks and effects of alternative management decisions.


Development of information systems for the automation of strategic management processes and financial consolidation, budget management, KPI system automation.


The platform is used to create a multi-dimensional reporting:

  • Dynamic analysis reports
  • Management and financial reporting
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Technology and implementation

    5 steps to start...

    • 1Defining the system goals and objectives and the final result requirements
    • 2Modelling and prototype creation
    • 3Testing and model finalization
    • 4User training and preparation of user documentation
    • 5System start
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    Business modeling

    Business modeling gives an authentic formalised view of main corporate activities.

    One of key methods is creation of information and analytical models that determine the hierarchy of company's objectives, enterprise/market (customer and competitor) relationship, the structure and use of resources, finance indicators.

    Cubix BM platform provides flexible and powerful tools of model creating for various business spheres.

    Budget management

    Budget management (budgeting) - a popular enterprise management technology that increases operational efficiency through optimal allocation of resources in order to achieve KPI target values.

    Organizations using this management technology now face the need to implement various forecasting methods. They have to accumulate, store and process large data arrays as well. Besides, the budget process involves a great deal of employees from multiple departments.

    To support the budgeting process, specialized software is widely used. Cubix BM Platform enables creation of effective information systems intended for budget management.

    Financial consolidation

    Financial consolidation is obligatory in order to make financial reporting of a holding as a whole.
    Such consolidation includes:

    - Plan and actual data collection;

    - Intercompany eliminations;

    - Implementation of rules and algorithms of consolidated budgets and reports making.

     Various consolidation methods provide for the accumulation and processing of large amounts of data. Cubix BM Platform can be an effective tool of consolidated financial reporting.

    Key performance indicators (KPI)

    Key performance indicators (KPI) and motivation are nowadays inseparable. By means of KPI one can create effective staff motivation system.

    Analytical and regulatory reporting

    The corporate analytical reporting system provides quick access to any information used in the company's information systems for all employees.

    Cubix BM advantages

    • High performance and unlimited analytic space.
    • A formalized visual process of design and setup of application, that does not require extensive training and programming.
    • Simple and flexible customisation of analytical information processing algorithms.
    • Simple, convenient and functional Web user-interface.
    • Pre-configured Excel-templates of regulatory reports are available.
    • Possibility of creation of end-to-end solution for DWH, BI - and corporate reporting systems.
    • Delivery of optional functional modules: real time payment control, contract control, various information registers for automation of budgetary control.
    • Low cost of acquisition of right to the Cubix BM platform and extensive functionality provide an optimum price/functionality/speed ratio in the market. Result is low cost workplace compared with mainstream decisions of the same class represented in the Russian market.

    Business area

    Regarding each industry we take into consideration its market, technological, manufacturing and other characteristic features.

    Tasks of business modeling, financial consolidation, budgeting automation can be successfully solved for various market segments by means of the Cubix BM platform.

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    In-memory technology

    In-Memory Technology enables data storage and calculations to be performed directly in memory, eliminating swapping time delays.

    МS SQL Server

    SQL Server is a powerful relational database management system for main information objects.

    The .NET Framework

    The .NET Framework - a software platform developed by Microsoft. It is widely used by our software engineers in development of all Cubix BM system components.