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AO (JSC) Gazpromgazoraspredeleniye Dalny Vostok, Chabarovsk

Проекты | 21.12.2021

Using the Cubix BM platform for tariff reporting with modified reports in the gas distribution sector.

Cubix BM vendor contract with VRK-1

Проекты | 15.12.2021

CubixBM contract has been concluded being a part of the project for the development of a complex enterprise management system based on import substitution technologies.

Cubix BM 2.0 platform and the import substitution problem

Платформа и решения | 05.11.2021

Axilon Consulting held a series of presentations for its clients and partners. CubixBM platform as an import substitution technology was presented.

Budget management system for AO (JSC) Antikor

Проекты | 20.09.2021

In August and September the ыуе of works with the system of budget management for JSC Antikor was carried out. The system has been transferred to industrial exploitation.

Beta-version of Cubix BM 2.0 platform

Платформа и решения | 01.09.2021

The works on a completely new version of our product Cubix BM 2.0 are almost completed.

1C:ERP interaction mechanism via soap web-services

Платформа и решения | 04.08.2021

In July 2021, as part of the second cycle of interaction with the client’s information system based on 1C:ERP, a third-party tool was developed. The tool was embedded into the specific installation of Cubix BM.

Cubix BM new training

Платформа и решения | 30.04.2021

On April 27-29, a new training course was held for our partner NORBIT.

A new training was developed for our Cubix BM platform

Мероприятия и публикации в СМИ | 15.02.2021

The training is a part of standard for the Cubix BM platform set of trainings. It includes practical tasks and some demonstrations.

In December 6-10 Axilon presents Cubix BM at the GITEX Plus 2020 exhibition

Мероприятия и публикации в СМИ | 04.12.2020

Axilon Consulting takes part in GITEX Plus 2020 online exhibition. GITEX Plus 2020 will be held in December 6-10 in parallel with the GITEX Technology Week 2020 off-line exhibition.

Cubix BM 1.x software debugging plan for Q3 2020 is accomplished

Платформа и решения | 16.11.2020

Running ongoing projects, we have detected tasks that required further development of the platform. Our development team successfully completed the debugging plan by 92%. The remaining 8% will be moved to 2021.

Our projects

Automation of budget planning processes

Июнь 2020 - Октябрь 2020

Automation of budget planning processes, tariff formation for regulated activities and operational management of payments

Июнь 2016 - Декабрь 2018

Automation of budget planning processes, creating model for formation of the tariff for the transportation of natural gas

Сентябрь 2015 - Декабрь 2015

Creating model for formation of the tariff for the transportation of natural gas

Апрель 2014 - Август 2014

Business modeling

Март 2011 - Декабрь 2011